Why I became a personal trainer


Having never grown up with much guidance in terms of health and fitness it was no surprise that years of terrible eating habits and a sedentarylifestyle had wreaked havoc on my body. At the height of my weight gain I was 5'8, 184 pounds and 25 percent body fat. Genetically I am an Ectomorph, which by definition is "a person with a lean and delicate body build." How emasculating... Several failed attempts to get my diet and weight under control left me feeling depressed and a bad drinking habit only furthered my self-defeating lifestyle.

I had tried every low calorie crash diet and cardio combination Cosmopolitan had to offer and after a year my destructive behavior had lead to a 20 pound increase in my weight. "You have to burn off the fat BEFORE building muscle!" "Do this one isolation movement to burn stomach fat and get SHREDDED!" "Weights make you BULKY and gyms are for DOUCHEBAGS!" After doing some research I found that everything you read in magazines is completely false and there is no 21 day transformation, new fad diet, juice cleanse or pill that will miraculously help you lose weight.

Finally, I decided it was time to get serious about my health and I completely changed my diet to all natural unprocessed foods and began a lifting regimen in my local gym. At the time I was intimidated, self consciousand had no idea what I was doing, but over the following months I continued my routine without fail until I had lost nearly 60 pounds. Through weight lifting, proper nutrition and perseverance I had accomplished what I never thought possible, andit completely changed my life. Now, 6 years later I lift, rock climb, hike mountains and continue to find new ways to push my limits daily, but I have never forgotten my roots.

I share this story because I want it to inspire people who feel lost and unable to change their lives. I truly feel it is my responsibility to give back what I learned and to teach anyone who is sick and tired of feeling like shit everyday how to achieve their goals safely and sustainably, no matter how inconceivable they may seem. All you need is an Iron Will!