“Brandon is extremely knowledgeable, dedicated to his craft, and is the perfect trainer if you want to develop solid muscle tone and gain strength. He truly knows the mechanics of the body and can work with anyone. He really strengthened my core, legs, and arms. Within a few weeks, I could feel and see my strength, stamina, and muscle definition increasing. I am really impressed with what he has done in such a short amount time. He always pushes you to do your best, while making sure that you don’t injure yourself; I would have never started heavy lifting if it weren’t for him! He is an excellent trainer and hilarious to talk with so the time flies!”

Nicole H.

“Brandon Carr’s Iron Will Training provided faster results with shorter workouts than I’ve gotten in 20-years of training. Muscles got cut, strength improved and form corrected. I suddenly had definition in my arms and a booty that was lifting, all in so much less time than I normally spent at the gym. Brandon is creative in his workouts. He’ll address whatever you request, or come up with an innovative routine different than anything you’ve done. You’ll never be bored, always be challenged and finish feeling victorious. His prices are reasonable. It was the best training money I’ve ever spent, and I tried many a trainer.”

Ann J.

“Brandon is an excellent trainer who takes his client’s requirements and turns these into a doable, practical exercise program that works. Whether it is weight loss, weight gain, strength conditioning or general fitness, his thorough knowledge of human physiology and movement, translates into real and noticeable changes. Committing to working out regularly can be difficult, Brandon's friendly and approachable nature makes committing to a regular program easy. I would highly recommend him to anyone, regardless of their goals, who’ve been unable to achieve these on their own.”

Greg F.

"I have been following Brandon's workouts for over a year now. When I first started he made sure to get a good idea of what my goals were and what equipment I had to work with. He had me start working out 4 times a week for around hour each with a mix of isolated and compound movements. He gradually ramped up the intensity of the workouts without increasing the total workout duration.  I started at a weight of 119 lbs and within 6 months reached over 140 lbs. He usually sends out the workouts once a week so that he can get feed back before making the following week. I have really appreciated this as a couple of movements haven't worked well with my equipment so he replaces them with a different exercise that targets the same muscle group. He is also quick to explain how to perform the movements with the proper form if I have any questions. I would highly recommend his workouts if you have the discipline to follow them to the T as you will see significant results."

Tim M.


“Brandon’s background in psychology, extensive personal training expertise, his own personal fitness accomplishments, and general no-bullshit charisma were exactly what I needed to make major gains on all levels (mental, physical and emotional).”

Ben M.

“My experience training with Brandon has been a great success. He considers the whole picture of personal fitness, (nutrition, mental wellness, and prior injuries) not just the workouts. Also, my eating habits have improved dramatically both calorie and nutrition wise: by replacing junk food with whole grains, lean protein and vegetables. I’ve not only lost 36 pounds, but he has considerably helped improve my balance, stability, posture, and I also have better coordination and endurance while running. He creates very balanced sessions and I always feel tired and sore after our workouts.”

Leslie M.

“Ever since starting to work out with Brandon I’ve had some of the best improvement physically than I’ve had before. I just never learned the best way to work out before. After working with him I know what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Throughout my time with him I’ve lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of muscle in the process. Definitely a great investment.”

Ryan S.

“Since we started working together, my strength gains have gone through the roof, I’ve dropped over ten pounds of fat, and I’ve gained the same back in lean muscle mass – no small feat for most guys. Our workouts are demanding, exhausting even, but I always leave feeling like I’ve accomplished something important for myself. Brandon’s guidance and instruction have been key to my gains, but what I appreciate most is his ability to keep me motivated through humor, praise, and insight from his own experiences. Brandon takes genuine pride in his work, and rightfully so – he truly cares about his clients and is committed to helping them develop their full potential.”

Chris P.

"Brandon provided the motivation I was not only looking for but needed!....We all have access to the internet these days but the internet does not have the ability to converse with you especially with his no BS approach.   I was working in Denver for a short period of time and starting working with Brandon near the end of my stay.   I have now moved back home but he has got me past the hardest thing.....getting started.  I am a 48 old male and putting muscle back on is going to be a long road but being consistent is the key.   I can not see him in person any longer but will continue to use him as my online support trainer.  I value his input and dedication to helping people to be the best they can be.   I not only believe but know that with time he will help me reach my goals."

Robert A.

“My weight has fluctuated up and down since puberty, but in the year before meeting Brandon I gained about 40 pounds as a side effect of a new medication. After meeting Brandon, one thing that drew me in was he seemed equally, if not more, excited and motivated to help me reach my goals.  The last year has been a huge growing experience for me in other facets of my life, and has made my weight loss journey a more challenging experience than initially anticipated. Brandon has helped me to achieve goals that I didn’t realize I had at the beginning of this process, and taught me that overall health is the main priority.

Brandon is extremely dedicated, and will commit to the training program in a way that holds you as his client accountable if you choose to not follow through. He is very friendly and comfortable to talk to, he is also very professional and no nonsense about his job. It is easy to be frank and upfront about any critiques you have, or something you need him to do differently.  Also if you’re slacking off he’ll definitely call you on it maintaining that accountability.

I have gained more strength with Brandon than I have in any other workout environment (and I’ve tried a lot of them).  He is extremely knowledgeable about weightlifting, strength training, and overall health.  I never thought I particularly enjoyed lifting weights as an exercise before working out with Brandon, however after a year of seeing real results, and reaching tangible goals, I have a newfound appreciation for strength training I never had before.  Additionally, Brandon takes the time to teach you the exercises and proper form, so that you can use them to workout on your own. I used to feel so uncomfortable in the gym by myself especially around the free weights and equipment I would go straight for the cardio, but after Brandon I feel confident enough to use all the equipment to get in a real workout session. Brandon is a great trainer especially if you’re ready to commit to making a change he will be there every step of the way.”


"Brandon is a great personal trainer. He's a lot of fun to hang out with, and it seems like he knows everything there is to know about lifting weights and proper nutrition. Over the course of a year, he has helped me lose 20 lbs and gain a lot of muscle mass. Overall he has helped me feel healthier and fitter than I have ever been before."

Jon J.

"Training with Brandon Carr was the best New Year's resolution I made in 2015. Not only did I lose 17 pounds, I gained strength and overall confidence in myself. The training sessions always pushed me physically and Brandon's humor made the time fly, my training days became my favorite days of the week.  I would highly recommend Carr as your personal trainer, you will quickly see results, feel better about yourself and have a good time as well."

Rachel K.